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Artline 2-in-1 Flipchart Marker Assorted (Pack of 8) EK-325T-W8 Pack of 1 Artline Water Colour Markers 325T. Water based bleedproof ink provides intense colour. Ideal for flipchart use. Also perfect for block colouring. Wallet of 8 assorted colours.
Q-Connect Flipchart Marker Pen Bullet Tip Assorted (Pack of 4) KF01551 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Flipchart Markers specially designed for use on flipcharts. Bullet tipped with a good resistance to bleed-through. Perfect for presentations or making posters. Assorted Colours. Wallet 4.
Q-Connect Flipchart Marker Pen Bullet Tip Black (Pack of 10) KF15392 Pack of 10 Water-based, bleed-resistant ink Xylene free, bullet tip Line width: 2.0mm Black Packed 12
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